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 About the Hoppers

Although this website offers seemingly unrelated products they are united by the interest and skills of Rod and Cindy Hopper. We hope our interests and knowledge will benefit you financially, esthetically and therapeutically.  We have a simple plan to grow your wealth by enjoying a delicious product. Our merchandize is theme based which may draw your interest in our products.  Finally we hope to provide opportunities to share knowledge in our blogs that you may want to comment on or even share your knowledge.

Our story begins with Rod, an Air Force Veteran, a skilled carpenter and expert craftsman. Rod’s expertise has been sought by all of his friends, family members and customers. Over the years he has designed and turned unfinished basements into extensions of the home such as bedrooms, bathrooms and recreational areas. He has enriched lifestyles with exquisitely designed wine cellars, home bars, and curved stairways to name just a few.  Not only is he a craftsman but he is artistic with materials at hand. Recently he came across lath and realized the time value art designs he could create. Re-purposing  wine bottles by cutting them in half for his lath wall designs is no small feat. However Rod is able to perfect the process with minimal tools. We hope that you will enjoy Rod’s unique art designs and that you may find them appropriate for your home decor.  If you follow Rod’s blogs  closely, you may benefit from his knowledge in the field of construction.

Cindy has worked in the acute healthcare field as a registered nurse for many years. Caring for people is a privilege that I have enjoyed in the constantly changing and demanding nursing field.  Living  healthy lifestyles is a resounding theme that I share with my patients, and is the push of national health care. One of the concerns I have as a nurse is the pill culture fix society that is apparent when the morning medication pass consists of 10 to 15 pills.   Recently I came across the concept of flax seed filled wraps as a form of pain management. I realized what a valuable product this could be as we consider  alternative ways of letting the body rejuvenate. Although, I do not dismiss the need for medication, I feel healthy living means actively listening to our bodies and seeking a more naturalistic approach. Since sewing was a hobby, I enjoyed many years ago, I thought I would resurface that love and create fun themed comfort wraps that would coincide with therapeutic nursing concepts.

With this web site we hope that you will follow us, perhaps make some money along the way and enjoy our products and services.

Rod and Cindy Hopper

Toledo Ohio

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